The Space Show Needs Your Support: The Final Countdown

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Show Needs Your Support

The Final Countdown Is On

Dec. 28, 2020

The Space Show wishes all of you a very Happy New Year and healthy holiday season and the same for 2021. As we approach the end of 2020, there is still time for your Space Show contribution to count for 2020 but Thursday, Dec. 31, the last day of the year, is almost upon us.  Despite 2020 challenges,  The Space Show has continued bringing you great guests, lots of listener participation opportunities including phone calls, emails and blog commentary.  The Space Show has continued our well established strong advocacy for commercial space development, a lunar return, cislunar development, space property rights and eventual humans to Mars mission plans.  We have supported having a strong national security space policy plus we love our planetary science program which is the best in the world.  Many of you have promoted your books, websites, blogs, ideas and work on The Space Show this year as well as in previous years.  Students have been on The Space Show gaining valuable experience related to their future skills and career choices. The list of Space Show 2020 accomplishments is a lengthy one but I think you get the picture. 

Production of The Space Show is expensive which is one of the many good reasons why we ask for your support.  The Space Show, as a listener supported program, wants to continue working hard advocating for the space industry we all want, especially in these uncertain times.  The Space Show, as a live broadcast internet radio talk show with multiple phone lines for the guests and listener discussions, is not just another podcast. Our unique format featuring live broadcasts, real time callers and listener emails, all of which combine to help The Space Show stand out in bringing you in-depth information about all aspects of space exploration and development.  Each year we engage in our end of the year fundraising campaign to help us continue our work on into the coming year. Our annual campaign may be drawing to a close this year but our work for 2021 has hardly started as we move forward arranging early 2021 guests.  Don’t forget that as a nonprofit 501c3 with the One Giant Leap Foundation as our parent, your contribution entitles you to an IRS tax deduction along with a California tax deduction if you are a California tax payer (check with your tax advisor for details applicability).  If the tax deduction is important and you want it for this year, remember we have to receive your contribution before the end of the year.  But tax deductions are not the only reason to contribute to us.  You contribute to us because of our programming, because we fight and advocate for what you want in space, because we educate with facts and solid information and because we offer everyone the opportunity for civil discussions on all space related topics.  We also give you a platform to inform, advocate, promote and push your ideas, theories, and thoughts. You contribute to us because you have a voice with our guests, with each other and in future programming.  This is why you why we are asking you to contribute once again this year.  We believe The Space Show delivers the value you deserve.  The Space Show believes that it has earned your respect which you show us by helping to support us.

In 2021, we will continue bringing you great guests addressing vital and interesting space topics.  We will continue to make available a quality platform for you to promote your interests, your IP, books, websites, products and ideas. The Space Show vision will continue to shine brightly and light the way through 2021 and beyond

Remember, The Space Show needs supporters just like you to help us stay strong to meet head on the challenges that we will encounter in 2021. We can't go it alone, we need your help.  While our content is distributed free of charge, and we work hard to continue this policy, The Space Show programming is costly to produce. Please, don't rely on others to keep The Space Show strong.  Keeping us strong is a group activity and we need your financial support along with your participation with our guests and programs.  Pease donate to The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation during our annual campaign now underway through the end of the year.  We also greatly appreciate our existing supporters and welcome your continued support. You are our backbone and we can't thank you enough for what you do for our industry and The Space Show.  Please don't forget to inquire about our Advisory Board participation and the sponsorship options available to The Space Show supporters.  The easiest and best way to donate is to use the Pay Pal button at the top of our home page.  If you want to send us a check, make it payable to One Giant Leap Foundation, P.O. Box 95, Tiburon, CA  94920. 

As a reminder, The Space Show offers many unique benefits which is why we are more than just a podcast.  Here are just a few to consider when deciding to contribute to us: 

1.  We are a live broadcast program with real time phone calls and emails so you can have real time exchanges with our guests. We are not just another podcast.

2.  You can freely talk with our guests and other callers, plus establish contact with them after the broadcast or if you listen to archives.

3.  We have a Space Show Advisory Board you can consider joining.  Sponsorship offers additional promotional benefits that are part of each and every program for as long as it remains on our website.

4. You can suggest guests for the program. We follow up on all suggestions and do our best to get your suggestion on the program. 

5.  We have multiple Open Lines program where you can promote your ideas, theories, intellectual property and talk directly to other listeners.

6.  As a 501c3 nonprofit with the One Giant Leap Foundation, Inc, you get a tax donation for your contribution in CA and with the IRS.

7.  We afford students multiple opportunities to be on the show with their projects and more.  Middle school, high school, and college -The Space Show loves all students.

8.  We do our best to cover key space stories with the actual newsmakers, not just by reporting what happened.  And you get to talk to the key people behind the breaking news and discoveries in space science and the Newspace economy.

Thank you very much for your support and generosity.  Your Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation donation is an investment in our future through space which has over time proven to be beneficial for everyone here on Earth.

I want to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season, a prosperous New Year and again, a healthy 2021 for your family, yourself and everyone.  We care about each and everyone one of you and your families and friends.  Please continue to be careful, pay attention, stay healthy and. well,  Let's all be here to celebrate our 20th birthday in June 2021 and many more. 


Dr. David Livingston

The Space Show & One Giant Leap Foundation


P.O. Box 95, Tiburon, Ca 94920






The Space Show Needs Your Support

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28 Dec 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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