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Guest:  Jordan Livingston;  Topics: "DeLorean-Living The Dream" indie movie, John DeLorean, the DeLorean car, Northern Ireland, Prime Minister Thatcher, John DeLorean scandal, DeLorean international car community, Back to the Future, Time Machine & more.


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We welcomed Jordan Livingston to this off the space topic special addition program consisting of a one segment seventy-six minute discussion about Jordan's unique documentary film & Kickstarter, "DeLorean-Living The Dream."  For full disclosure, Jordan is my oldest son.  We started our discussion with Jordan telling us how he got his interest in the DeLorean car, the John DeLorean story and most of all, the incredible international community of DeLorean car lovers.  Don't miss this initial story which started with him as a small child, seeing the Back to the Future movie and the DeLorean time machine.  Note what Jordan said about other time travel sci-fi movies and their time travel machines as compared to using a real DeLorean car.  The story evolved to his doing a short DeLorean film for Current TV and then his 12 year journey to interview people from various countries that make up the international DeLorean community.  When you hear his story and his experiences, you will understand why this is a unique and very special community, worthy of this documentary film.

Of course no DeLorean story would be complete without at least mentioning the DeLorean scandals in the UK, Northern Ireland, and then the famous entrapment drug trial here in the US in which the FBI and DEA set up a sting to entrap John DeLorean.  He was found not guilty of all charges but his life was ruined as civil litigation pursued, plus the new Thatcher government in the UK changed the Labor Party policies that enabled John to start the DeLorean company in Northern Ireland and create about 2,000 jobs.  Eventually, the new Thatcher policies, charges of embezzlement and worse brought down the company and John DeLorean.  The international front page US drug trial was the final straw forcing the company to bankruptcy and liquidation with help from the new UK government.  Jordan took the time to unwind and clearly tell this story because of the way it impacted DeLorean workers, car fans and supporters, and those involved with the Back To The Future movies including the actors and writers/producers.

Having seen a rough draft of the film which is awaiting post production completion (the purpose of the Kickstarter campaign), the interviews with Christopher Lloyd and Bob Gale, especially about Ford wanting to help finance the movie if they used a Mustang for the time machine rather than a DeLorean, were priceless.  When you see the movie, you will definitely enjoy these interviews but also those of many of the DeLorean workers and fans who own DeLoreans which are now owned by proud owners scattered all over the world.  This is special on its own since originally the DeLorean was only sold in the U.S.  This means that all the DeLoreans owned elsewhere in the world were imported form the US after the DeLorean shutdown. 

Jordan spent time focusing on the purpose of the film, to tell the story of the amazing DeLorean international support community.  The documentary features interviews with many of these people and John's daughter. The film is moving, uplifting, it is certainly inspirational, and it tells a wonderful story with emotional ups and downs.  Jordan also spent time describing his Kickstarter campaign, including many of the participation rewards which include screen credits, special DeLorean models, free tickets and attendance at various DeLorean events, plus other items from the films and the car.  As he said, there are lots of ways for people to participate and help fund the completion and distribution of the film. Regarding the distribution, toward the end of our program, he described the distribution plans for the documentary once the film is completed. 

Listeners asked questions including how one repairs a DeLorean and gets parts, plus they wanted to know more about the Gull doors given an aerospace company built them for the car.  Jordan talked about why the car was made from stainless steel and this prompted an email noting that Musk was planning on using stainless steel for Starship.  At one point early in the program Jordan said that there were things about the early days of John DeLorean that reminded him of Elon Musk.  As for getting parts for a DeLorean, there are still thousands of original spare parts available for the car and a service network in the US and globally. Amazing for a classic car which once again speaks to the uniqueness of the international DeLorean community.  Listen to his comments on this. Near the end, Jordan was asked if when driving the DeLorean, if he was often stopped by the cops because they wanted to see the car.  Don't miss what he had to say about that.  Jordan also explained how he came up with the title of the film.  Don't miss the wedding stories of people getting married in DeLoreans and the drive through window at the wedding chapel.  Jordan shared his own personal experience on this subject. 

Jordan offered us concluding comments and added in a brief discussion about the DeLorean speedometer and 88 mph.  The top speed of the car was mentioned as well as why the speedometer stopped at 85 mph.   He said the movie DeLorean showing a speedometer going to 95 mph was Hollywood movie magic.

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Off Topic Program: “DeLorean — Living the Dream: The inspiring true story of the dreamers behind history’s timeless car.”

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28 Aug 2019 Jordan Livingston
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