Broadcast 546 (Special Edition)

28 Aug 2006 Howard Bloom
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Howard Bloom was the guest for this special program to discuss the importance of having a space vision, the idea of a "killer application" for inspiring the public regarding space, and a four point program that could form the basis for the needed space vision. The four point program he discussed includes biofuels, space solar power, lunar development, and going to Mars. We talked about economics and several listeners asked questions about the economics and the priority of SSP or the other components of the program before having developed affordable and routine LEO access. Howard shared with us views from many people, in and out of NASA regarding NASA, the role of Dr. Griffin and the direction NASA is taking to implement the VSE. Toward the end of this two hour program, in response to one of my questions regarding sustainability versus adapting and moving forward, Howard talked about the force of nature, global warming, and why we have to push forward and not be satisfied with just sustaining life. He also talked about threats to our way of life that will certainly sidetrack any space vision and he clearly demonstrated his concern for the nuclear threat that has the potential to significantly and adversely impact western and world civilization. Howard Bloom welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Please send your comments to me at and I will forward them to him.



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