Broadcast 378 (Special Edition)

28 Aug 2005 John Spencer
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John Spencer, architect and designer specializing in space tourism, returned to this edition of The Space Show. We began the interview by discussing how the space tourism industry has changed from the mid-90's to the current time. In the context of this discussion, Mr. Spencer explained space tourism, its evolution, orbital versus suboribtal, the time frame for achieving space tourism and how uniting the field is, noting that space in general, especially space tourism has the potential for bringing people together, not separating them. We talked about space tourism and security and the global war on terrorism. We talked about military space, the Space Exploration Vision, and the security of space assets as well as the need to have a military or Coast Guard like presence in space for the benefit of those using space. In response to listener questions, Mr. Spencer talked about space architecture, we discussed settlements on the Moon or Mars and closed environmental systems as would be required in space. He also went on the record to predict that it will be private-sector individuals that first return us to the Moon, not government employed astronauts. You will find his explanation and analysis of this to be very exciting. We also talked about the lunar solar power satellites and other forms of solar or lunar energy beaming back to Earth. Mr. Spencer thinks the time frame for these products is long term and when asked about doing it from a national security point of view, he stressed the importance of such efforts being private sector efforts, not government contractor or military efforts. Mr. Spencer introduced the listeners to the Space Tourism Society (, his Red Planet projects, and space experiential theme and simulation parks. Listeners are urged to contact John Spencer for more information about space tourism and his projects. His e-mail address is



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