Broadcast 1146 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Responsive Space #7 Participants including Dr. Jim Wertz, Reda Anderson, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Richard Van Allen, Ron, Nicola Sarzi Amade, Christine Purcell. Topics: Responsive Space, GPS, business education for space engineers. This Space Show program was live with live video streaming at the Westin Hotel for the Responsive Space Conference #7, April 28, 2009. We started the program with Dr. Jim Wertz coming to the microphone to talk about the status of responsive space, a report card analysis of responsive space, and much more. The discussion with Dr. Wertz opened up a much broader responsive space discussion leading into the need for systems engineering and business education. Others in the audience including Reda Anderson, Dr. Jurist, Dr. Van Allen, Ron, Nicola, and Christine Purcell of the California Space Authority (CSA) formed a panel to discuss these issues. One of the important things discussed in this program was the study referenced by Christine so you want to pay attention to it and probably download it from the website address given out on air. Our discussion of commercial space led to lots of comments about GPS and its commercial significance. We also talked about our possibility vulnerability given our commercial and national security dependence on space. You will want to hear what many of our guests said about this. Nicola who is a USC PhD astronautics engineering student had much to say from his younger perspective. His proclamation that he and his friends are frustrated that progress is so slow was illuminating. Later I asked him if the frustration was more about the slow space development as opposed to his generation wanting everything now and being accustomed to having it now. If you have comments for any of our panel members or guests, please send them to me and I will forward them to the person of your choice. Responsive Space is going to be an increasingly important part of our space community and space development effort. I believe this program will prove to be a good resource for us all.



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