Broadcast 389 (Special Edition)

27 Sep 2005 Dr. John Jurist
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Dr. John Jurist returned to The Space Show to discuss human factors for commercial space travel, specifically for suborbital space tourism flights. The discussion focused on what happens to a human body under acceleration, the type of G force a person can handle without problems, radiation issues, decompression in the space vehicle, shirt sleeve environments versus pressure suits for the passengers, AST space flight participant guidelines, and more. Listeners asked questions concerning the structure of the various competing space tourism vehicle designs, space sickness and medication as well as inquiring as to which companies will permit the passenger to unbuckle to float free in the Zero G environment. We also talked about obesity in space travel, under weight issues, and various lung issues for space travel such as asthma and the use of inhalers. A question came in regarding the use of anti-depressants for a space flight passenger. Dr. Jurist covered this subject in a comprehensive way so if you have ever been curious about the comprehensive effects of space travel on the human body, suborbital as well as orbital, be sure to listen to this show. You can also find a full discussion series on this topic by Dr. Jurist by visiting www.thespacereview, typing Jurist into the search box and all his articles will appear. Listeners can contact Dr. Jurist at or through me at



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