Broadcast 155 (Special Edition)

27 Sep 2003 Dr. Pascal Lee
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Dr. Pascal Lee directs the newly formed Mars Institute. During this interview, Dr. Lee goes into detail to discuss how a humans to Mars mission will come about and what causes a government and society to support and fund such a mission. In addition, Dr. Lee discusses the significant differences between Earth and Mars, and he goes into great detail to discuss the importance of impact craters on Earth and their relationship to understanding Mars. Dr. Lee also talks about the technology and engineering needed to take humans to Mars and has much to say about using nuclear power for space development and exploration. We also discuss returning to the Moon and the private sector's commercial development of the Moon. We discuss space policy and vision at NASA and in Congress. We explore space policy as a function of leadership, both in Congress and in NASA. Dr. Lee brings to The Space Show important, well-founded and developed insights into most aspects of space policy, development, commercialism, transportation, and tourism. This is a program that you must hear!



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