Broadcast 818 (Special Edition)

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This program is the X Prize Cup 2007 series of interviews readied for the Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007 Space Show. In addition to the introduction to this special program, there are five separate interview tracks/panel discussions. They run continuously for about 2.5 hours without a break. However, you will know when each interview ends as the guest or the panel is appropriately thanked and the next guest or panel is introduced. Several of these tracks were recorded during the X Prize Cup at Holloman AFB so you will hear overhead jet aircraft noise as the Holloman AFB Air Show was going on at the same time as X Prize Cup. In addition, finding an absolutely quiet spot for the interviews, without staff or Air Force personnel working around us was almost impossible so the background noise you will hear from time to time is simply part of the program. The first interview is from the Personal Spaceflight Symposium a few days earlier in Las Cruces and has Dr. Lee Valentine talking with us about an important upcoming conference hosted by the Space Studies Institute, Princeton, NJ. The second interview presents Space Show listeners with the new Rocketplane Global spacecraft. With us for the interview is Chuck Lauer, Dave Faulkner who is the Program Manager, and former astronaut, Navy Commander and Rocketplane pilot , John Herrington. Participating in the interview is Patrick Beatty. The third interview is with Ed Wright who returns to us to give us a Teachers In Space update. The fourth interview has Dr. Sean Casey returning to us to update us on the progress with SOPHIA, the joint German Space Agency and NASA AMES stratospheric infra-red observatory program. The fifth and final interview is another panel discussion conducted late at night back in Las Cruces at the Ramada Inn at the Space Frontier Foundation party. For this panel discussion on Rocketplane, we were fortunate to have George French, CEO of Rocketplane with us, Chuck Lauer, Jeff Krukin, Reda Anderson who will be the first commercial passenger on Rocketplane, and Frank Nuovo. Frank is an award winning industrial designer who will be designing the interior of Rocketplane. I am quite sure you will find his bio fascinating as well as his award winning projects, and his plans for Rocketplane. If you have follow up questions or comments for any of these guests on this X Prize Cup special Space Show program, please send them to me at and I will forward your note to the person you request.



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