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Guests: Nancy Conrad and Joshua Neubert. Topics: Conrad Foundation Awards, Pete Conrad, disruptive educational technolgy, interdisciplinary educational programs, high school student projects, entrepreneurship, venture capital, building human capital. Our guests, Nancy Conrad and Josh Neubert, brought us up to date with the Conrad Awards which will be announced at the Innovation Generation Summit at the NASA Ames Conference Center from April 2-4, 2009. The pubic is welcome Friday morning to see the student presentations and videos and in the afternoon to attend the workshops bringing the students together with space industry participants. During our program today, Nancy Conrad talked about her late husband Pete Conrad and how Pete's life, vision, and goals helped lead to the creation of the Conrad Foundation and eventually to the Conrad Awards Program. John Neubert, the Foundation's Executive Director, along with Nancy, talked about the awards, the educational goals of the program and the Foundation, and the various teams with entries in this year's contest. We also talked about the Conrad approach being a disruptive technology for education and the support this program has received by teachers, students, parents, school leaders and professional educators. For sure you will want to hear about the teams, their projects, their business focus, and how to participate in the awards for next year. You can get more information about the Conrad Awards by visiting their website, In addition, you can use the Contact link on the site ( to ask questions or comments. You can also email Josh Neubert directly with your comments and questions at



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27 Mar 2009 Nancy Conrad, Joshua Neubert
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