Broadcast 354 (Special Edition)

27 Jun 2005 Tim Ventura
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Tim Ventura, CEO of American Antigravity, was the guest for this special Space Show program. Mr. Ventura's specialty is antigravity research and making sure that American Antigravity serves as a community and web based resource for antigravity and gravity modification research. During this program, we discussed the prospects of antigravity research resulting in tangible methods to allow a different quality of space access than what we now have with rockets. Mr. Ventura discussed the leading antigravity research projects, the history of antigravity research including the antigravity mythology and claims, he talked about the work of Podkletnov, Searl, and others. We also talked about NASA and their research, lifting bodies, rotating discs, and much more. We discussed the state of antigravity research around the world, which countries are doing it, how far along everyone is, and what the potential might be. We may be fortunate in that someday antigravity propulsion will be the key to our getting out of Earth's gravitational field. Find out what is going on in this field by listening to this program. You can contact Tim Ventura with your questions and comments at Visit his website at



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