Broadcast 366 (Special Edition)

27 Jul 2005 Dr. Robin Falkov
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The Space Show goes off topic for this program with Dr. Robin Falkov to discuss the importance of Codex and its possible adverse impact upon our health freedom rights in the United States. Listeners can find out more about these issues by visiting Dr. Falkov's website at as well as by visiting the website for Dr. Ron Paul, Texas congressman from the 14th district ( Dr. Falkov, in response to listener questions and from her own knowlege, explained how the U.S. may find that it is obligated to adopt these restrictive policies over time as a result of U.S. membership in the WTO and CAFTA, (read Section 6 of the CAFTA Agreement). We should not discount the probability of these restrictive measures becoming the way of life in the United States as they are in Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. Dr. Falkov can be contacted through her website (see above) or as always through me at



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