Broadcast 1111 (Special Edition)

27 Feb 2009 Mr. Henry Vanderbilt
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Guest: Henry Vanderbilt followed by Open Lines. Topics: Space Access Society Conference, low cost space access, SUSTAIN, suborbital and orbital space transportation. Henry Vanderbilt, founder of The Space Access Conference, was the guest for the first ninety minutes of today's program followed by Open Lines for the last half hour. Henry discussed the origins of The Space Access Conference up to its current status. He told us who the speakers were to-date for this year's conference and said there was still time to contact him to be a presenter at the conference. Please visit for more information about the conference. You can contact Henry about presenting or with other questions or comments at . We also talked with Henry about the possible new NASA Administrator, the focus of NASA, the Constellation program, NewSpace, SUSTAIN, N-prize, and more. In fact, for those of you interested in the discussion group for N-prize, google "n prize Google group" to join this forum. Space Access is an important conference which will be in Phoenix, April 2-4, 2009. For the final Open Lines segment, we continued talking about Space Access, also the SUSTAIN conference that I just returned from, and the new federal budget with probable increases in the NASA budget and a commitment to continuing on with the VSE. If you have questions or comments for me, please contact me at .



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