Broadcast 678 (Special Edition)

27 Feb 2007 Dallas Bienhoff
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Dallas Bienhoff was the special guest for this Space Show program. Our discussion with Dallas focused on building an on orbit propellant depot to enhance and facilitate the VSE program with NASA and to also serve the developing private sector space community. Dallas took us through all phases of building a propellant depot and we discussed the four most significant hurdles: the cost of space access, zero g fuel transfer, long term cryogenic storage, and the autonomous rendezvous and docking necessary for the depot. There were many listener questions about construction, what rocket would be used and its cost per kilo to space, launch locations and latitude, the type of propellants to be used, contributing lunar surface architecture, NASA budget issues and much more. This is a must listen to program for anyone interested in developing commercial space. We also talked about financing the depot, anchor tenants, NASA as a possible anchor tenant, plus other salient business and technical information. Dallas Bienhoff is available by email to receive your suggestions, comments, and additional questions. He also will send interested listeners a copy of his recent STAIF paper and presentation slides. You can e-mail Dallas Bienhoff at Its best to put Space Show in the subject line.



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