Broadcast 312 (Special Edition)

27 Feb 2005 Tom Hill
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Tom Hill, author of "Space: What Now? The Past, Present, and Possible Futures of Activities in Space," was the guest for this Space Show program. He began the interview by discussing how he met Buzz Aldrin and how he got Buzz to write the Forward for this book Tom then discussed some of the more salient chapters and conclusions in his book. Tom Hill did a stellar job in providing us with a condenses history of how we started, how we got to where we are today in space development, and events since the Columbia accident. We discussed the likelihood of NASA making the organizational changes required to realize the Moon-Mars vision put forth by President Bush last year. He fielded several questions from listeners and when we began the discussion regarding his observations and conclusions about reusable launch vehicles, we received a listener call from Dr. Jurist, a frequent Space Show guest. Dr. Jurist, Tom, and myself, discussed the economics of launch vehicles, how to bridge the gap from the beginning stage of the industry which is where we are now with regard to private sector vehicles and reusables, to the mature industry where we can realize cost effective space access. You will certainly want to hear this discussion between Tom Hill and Dr. Jurist. We discussed Chapter Four in some detail as in this chapter, Tom Hill takes a hard look at several of the myths regarding space development and he exposes them. Some of the myths we talked about during the show are the "Astronaut Myth, the Man-Rated Myth, If Space Were Important it Would Pay for Itself Myth, the Humans vs. Robots Myth" and more. For further information about this show, Tom Hill, and his book, contact Tom at .



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