Broadcast 435 (Special Edition)

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Tom Olson, CEO of the Colony Fund returned for his end of the year update on The Space Show. We began the interview with getting an update from Tom on changes being made in the planning and development of the Colony Fund. As Tom likes to say, a wall was hit this year with which forced new strategic thinking on the Colony Fund management team. Current thinking has the Colony Fund expanding beyond only space investments to include technology, specifically nanotechnology opportunities along side commercial space opportunities. Marketing Colony Fund is also important and Mr. Olson share some of his preliminary plans to use his own broker dealer system rather than conventional middlemen. Don't miss this update to Colony Fund which when it becomes available will be a unique investment fund offering commercial space and other specialized investment opportunities. Also, take this opportunity to provide Tom Olson with your comments on his planning with Colony Fund. In addition to discussing Colony Fund, Tom spoke about the New York Space Enterprise Symposium he is setting up with others for later in 2006. He spoke about space advocacy, how best to get involved, Congress and the President and more. He then looked back over 2005 for customary year end summary of the space year and then gazed forward for what 2006 holds for advancing space. This year, we divided the look forward into several categories to include, NASA, the VSE, Congress, the President, and even the general public. Tom pointed out reference points on what we should be looking for from each of these key components. He also talked about the importance of getting Zero G, Zero Tax put into law. for more information on Colony Fund, visit You can contact Tom Olson by email at



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27 Dec 2005 Thomas A. Olson
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