Broadcast 762 (Special Edition)

27 Aug 2007 Dr. Albert Harrison
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Dr. Al Harrison was the guest for this Space Show program. Note that this program has phone line audio issues that cannot be processed out of the recording. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you in listening to this exceptional program. Dr. Harrison is the author of the new book, "Starstruck: Cosmic Visions in Science, Religion, and Folklore." As a psychologist, Dr. Harrison is certainly qualified to examine the relationships we have with space, cultures, physics, astronomy, myths, and extraterrestrial life. We covered many subjects in this show, ranging from somewhat traditional UFO-ET questions to mental and emotional stability issues for a long term space presence. We discussed SETI and its acceptance within the space community while the UFO side of exploring for ET life is usually rejected by the same audience. We talked about why people believe in myths and touched upon why we believe in conspiracies though Al said that would be a separate 6-8 hour show! As The Space Show has an ongoing series, "Our Spiritual Connection to Space," I asked Al about that connection, why some of us (myself included) are driven to space as if its in our genetic makeup and others are totally disassociated with space. You will want to hear his response. We also went through several of the stories in his book as they are very telling regarding how we act and how we relate with science, religion, myths, etc. Another area we explored was the engineering/human factors relationship within the manned space flight program with NASA and elsewhere. We have heard about this "competitive" relationship before, but Al discusses it with us in a different and most effective way. Dr. Al Harrison is most interesting as you will hear form his comments and analysis of these often complex and emotional issues. You can send your email comments or questions to him at or through me at



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