Broadcast 1145 (Special Edition)

27 Apr 2009 Roger Lenard
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Guest: Roger Lenard. Topics: Space Solar Power, tethers, beaming energy from space, military needs for SSP, tethers. Roger Lenard, president of Heliosat, Inc. was our guest for this show. We began our discussion with Roger talking about SSP and the unique approach of Heliosat, Inc. in bringing SSP to fruition. Listen to his plan and objectives and see what you think. We talked about the use of tethers to boost the satellites from LEO to GEO. We also talked about low cost launch options which seem promising. You will not want to miss this discussion. As our conversation progressed, we heard more and more how systems engineering was crucial to developing not only SSP but space in general. Roger talked with us extensively about systems engineering. Do you concur with its importance and leadership role in space development? Other topics of discussion included the possible need of the military to have SSP, the size of rectennas and power beaming frequencies, laser beaming versus microwave beaming, and more. STEM education and space policy as well as political leadership came up. Also the subject of history. This was a far reaching program beyond the Heliosat SSP plans and I know you will find it important and valuable. If you have questions for Roger Lenard, please send them to me at and I will forward them to him.



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