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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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We welcomed noted space attorney Michael Listner back to the program. During the first segment of our 1 hour 40 minute discussion, Michael spoke about his Briefing Letter (his former newsletter) The Precis.  He mentioned his earlier analysis of the presidential candidates and the likely space policy that would emerge from the winner.  This sparked a listener question asking him if the Musk-SpaceX Mars speech would impact space policy toward a stronger Mars policy.  Don't miss what Michael said in response to this listener.

Space settlement was another issue that came up.  Michael pointed out that there was no money flowing to the space settlement movement so he did not expect to see much "official" progress moving toward a space settlement policy.  This then led us to a short discussion about the American Space Renaissance Act which supports space settlement.  Michael had interesting things to say about this potential Act and national support for space settlement.  He also said that there was no authority or authorization for private companies to do it.

Michael was asked if there was progress regarding the formal adoption of The Law of the Sea Treaty.  This opened up a detailed and interesting discussion linking the dots to what China has been doing with the artificial islands in the S. China Sea, possible Moon Treaty issues, and different interpretations to Article 2 of the OST.  He linked all of this to the Commercial Space Act passed in Dec. 2015 which provided different interpretations to both Article 1 & 2 of the OST.  He suggested this might give rise to a different Chinese interpretation of these acts regarding their own lunar behavior. 

In the second segment, Doug sent in a series of questions wanting to know that if China did some sort of lunar development if they could use that to assert a territorial claim on the Moon.    Don't miss the exchanges we had with Doug on this and related issues. 

Another topic addressed with Michael focused on the new UAE space policy and the new space policies either already adopted or being developed in New Zealand and Denmark.  Before our program ended, Carl went in a note asking about the Chinese space station which is out of control and headed back to Earth.  The same listener wanted to know if the next president would cancel the Wolf Amendment that prevents NASA from talking with China.  Don't miss what Michael said in response to both questions.  As the show was about to end, Michael updated us on the RD180 issue. 

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26 Sep 2016 Michael Listner
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference