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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Michael Listner; Topics:  Space policy and space law issues, national security concerns regarding space, pending legislation bottlenecks in congress, China and the Moon, Musk and China, Starlink from China's perspective plus lots more.

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We welcomed Michael Listner back to the program for a one hour 48 minute discussion on space policy, space law, national security, current space events through the prism of space law and the regulatory environment, plus issues of competition in space with China and Russia.  We started the discussion with Starlink and China's stated national security perspective that the constellation was a threat to their national security.  Michael explained why given the activity of Starlink in the Russian - Ukrainian fighting.  Michael talked about weapons and tools to be used against Starlink, including jamming and other technologies.  Also mentioned were Russian cyber attacks and the DoD response to some of what was going on.  Michael was asked to differentiate between the government role and responsibility with Starlink plus the private company role with Starlink.  Michael reported that much of this type of policy has not yet formulated.  How about your letting us know what you think about these issues and concerns from both the company and the government perspective. 

Our discussion followed with commentary about SpaceX and spectrum, 5G communications, and the controversy with SpaceX and DISH Network over spectrum.  Michael was asked about Musk and his business activities in China given the way China sees Starlink, including interfering with it since China sees it its own national security threat.  Listeners inquired about China's lunar efforts and asked our guest if we were in a space race or some other type of relationship with China regarding both the Moon and space in a more general way.  Michael suggested yes but listen to all of what he had to say on this issue. Once again, posting your thoughts about this on our blog would be most welcome. 

Marshall called to talk about Starlink interference and farming issues such as local versus national.  He suggested the possibility of Starlink satellites orbiting the Moon.  The subject of the U.S. taking on a unilateral space test ban was brought up. Michael said it was a big and significant policy concession.  He went on to say that space policy was a train wreck at this time.  He talked about DIA and the big issue of sustainability for policy.  Nuclear came up as did a question about a possible EMP attack by Russia or China.  Next up was a mention of space resources, space tourism and about 20 pending commercial space bills in congress at this time not receiving any attention.  This led Michael to mention the NGO and ISS concern so once you hear about this one, let us know your opinion by posting on our blog.  Michael also brought up the issues with policy and the Georgia spaceport process. 

John Hunt called to bring to our attention the nuclear threats being put out there by Russia, including the bombing of London.  Michael then talked about nations wanting to join NATO and what might happen if a NATO country refused to honor Article 5 were it enacted.  We talked more about cyberwarfare, then Michael introduced us to the term UNPEACE which he explained in detailed.  Listener Judy of Phoenix sent Michael an email asking him to list his top four priority space policy issues for the balance of this year or early next year.  As the show progressed, Michael changed the number to six as he added two additional priorities.  While Michael discussed each one, they included in this order, norms, sustainability around space debris issues, commercial space laws, local environmental regs, private space stations and the ISS, the moratorium on FAA commercial space regulation ending in 2023 and the NTSB being selected to investigate all commercial space incidents and accidents.  Listener Omar asked Michael about the FAA approval for a limited number of Starship flights out of Texas, plus the need for mitigating environmental issues to continue launching in Texas.  Before ending the program, Michael stressed the extreme partisanship in Congress which was and still is detrimental to space policy.  Before signing off, Michael talked about his outstanding newsletter, The Precis, which is on his website and the recent lunar dust auction. 

Please post your comments/questions for Michael on our blog for this show.  You can reach Michael through me or his website,  As for The Precis, you can find it here:




Space law and policy updates with Michael

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26 Jun 2022 Michael Listner
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference