Broadcast 1398 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Jul 2010 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: Space Show, NewSpace 2010, space policy, human factors, Kepler Space Telescope, Classroom commentary & more. We started this multi-segment two plus hour Open Lines program with my making several announcements. This included the public disclosure for the recent OGLF Board Meeting, two new funding projects for OGLF and The Space Show, I talked about a new Classroom series for next January, the NewSpace 2010 conference, upcoming propellant depot programs, a Wired article on Interorbital Systems and their small satellite kits, and then we opened the lines to listeners. We got an early call from Mark in Huntsville who provided us with his views and understanding of the Senate and House policy compromise bills, and what's going on in his area including Marshall.. Space as a jobs program was discussed as were standards for the commercial players and existing NASA infrastructure issues. These topics were discussed throughout the program. As we started the second segment, Dr. Jurist phoned in to respond to some email feedback we have been getting for the Classroom and to provide us with a Classroom debrief. John had much to say so be sure to listen to his discussion. Brian Enke sent in a note with his promised report on the findings of small Earth-like planets by the Kepler Space Telescope. I read his note which was detailed and really helped clarify the situation we discussed the day before when he was the guest. We thank Brian for doing an excellent job of reporting on this issue. In the next segment, Charles Pooley called in and outlined his idea for a space program and why he thinks the current government program is doomed to failure. Charles makes some excellent points and as many of the frequent listeners know, he wants to start small and ramp up, the Microlaunchers approach. He wants the private industry to just ignore NASA and do its own development the way he recommends. Listen to what he says and see if you agree or not. Let us know. NASA science missions were discussed as was the COTS Program and more. Andrew called in from Tucson and we talked about his building one of the Interorbital satellite kits though I don't think he will do it. His main theme for calling was that it may be the end of the space world as we have come to know it but the beginning of a new one. We talked at length about his idea and perspective. He mentioned a shuttle online class from 2005 and MIT. Here is the URL for it: John Schubert called in re NewSpace 2010. He provided the following video streaming links: and Tim asked for our thoughts on what would have happened with technology advancement if there had been no Apollo program. John in Atlanta talked about advanced propulsion, fusion, R&D and more. If you have questions or comments for any of the contributors to tonight's program, please email them to me at and I will forward them to the person of your choice.



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