Broadcast 365 (Special Edition)

26 Jul 2005 Winston E. Scott
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Winston E. Scott (Capt. USN Ret.) NASA Astronaut and author of "REFLECTIONS From Earth Orbit" was the guest for this Space Show program. Capt. Scott began the interview by telling us about the Discovery launch this morning which he covered for MSNBC. After describing the launch in some detail, the cameras and equipment on Discovery, we turned to discussing his book. This book is not a typical space or astronaut book as it is told through the memories of Capt. Scott, prompted by events that occurred during two space shuttle missions as a NASA astronaut on board both Endeavour and Columbia. In addition to discussing his unique book which I strongly recommend to all of you, we talked about astronaut space issues such as space sickness, motion sickness, and space walking. Capt. Scott's description of space walks is one of the best I have ever heard--you will not want to miss it. Especially the part about the $10 million space suits! In response to listener questions, we talked about the NASA virtual reality programs used for astronaut training, space tourism and the private sector, astronaut retirement and selection for space flight, and even sneaking things on board to let lose in space during a space walk! In Capt. Scott's book, he talks about night orbiting Earth, darkness, and dark skies. Not only is this an interesting part of our discussion, its reported in detail in his book. AS always, listeners can reach Capt. Scott through me at or directly using



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