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We welcomed Loretta Hall back to the show to discuss her new book, "The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List:  100 Space Things to Do Before You Die."  During the first segment of our program, we discussed the origin of Ms. Hall's idea to do a space focused bucket list.  We also talked about the order of her items which start at 100 and descend to #1 which is about taking a trip to space. Loretta said most of the items were in no specific order except for the last items which she has attempted to rate in terms of a priority for her.  Loretta will soon have an interactive website for the book available where people can share their own experiences with these bucket list items plus make their own bucket list suggestions.  The website domain is but it is not yet an active site.  I will announce on The Space Show when this site goes active.

During this segment, I asked Loretta about some of her bucket list items that stood out to me.  In the process of highlighting several of the items, Mike from Phoenix called to ask about the International Astronautical Federation Conference (IAC) to be held Sept. 26-30 later this year in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Mike's interest in the event focused on the news that Elon Musk has announced that he will present his plans for going to Mars at this event.

Following Mike's IAC question & comment, I asked Loretta about her item to plan a space burial.  This led us to a discussion about famous people that have had a space burial, both via NASA and our great sponsor, Celestis.  Before the segment ended, I asked Loretta about New Mexico space history as she is quite the authority on this subject and has been on the show before addressing this topic.

In the second segment, we talked about Loretta's & my early interest in space starting with rockets and the Mercury 7.  Loretta mentioned the women who qualified for the astronaut program but were dismissed due to their gender.  She has a bucket list item on this subject, #93:  "Mercury 13: discrimination or expediency?"

Another item I asked her about was her wishing to simulate a trip to the Moon.  I'll let her explain what she meant by this time so don't miss it.  As I said on air, I am going to do this simulation on air starting with the Open Lines program this coming Sunday, January 31.  Listen to our discussion for details.  Maybe some of you will want to join me and then we can share experiences on an upcoming Open Lines program.

Loretta also listed Apollo training sites so we talked about their location and visiting them.  In addition, she mentioned Vanguard but who knew that the US Navy Ship Vanguard was used for Apollo tracking.  I bet most of you, like me, thought of the Vanguard rocket!

Other topics in this segment addressed science fiction, dressing like an astronaut and even Loretta's bucket list item #71 to learn Klingon!  Given Loretta mentioned visiting the Roswell museums, of course I had to ask her if meeting an real alien was on her list.  Listen to our discussions on this subject to find out if our guest wants to meet an alien as I do.

Many of Loretta's bucket list items represent the history and they can also be a great tour of our space program's history & future with Spaceport America.  This is a great book that can serve multiple purposes including being a reference book, a tour guide, and a source of great information for someone to learn our space history and the emergence of our modern space program, including the shift to commercial space.  Don't forget that if you buy it through Amazon, use the OGLF portal which is available on our website so that Amazon will contribute a portion of the purchase price to The Space Show/OGLF.

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"The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List" by Loretta Hall

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26 Jan 2016 Loretta Hall
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