Broadcast 1096 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests: Brian Weeden and Ben Baseley-Walker. Topics: Secure World Foundation, space situational awareness, space weaponization & militarization, satellite defense. Brian Weeden and Ben Baseley-Walker of the Secure World Foundation presented solid information and strategies for addressing problems around space traffic management and space situational awareness. Our guests were very realistic about the topics discusse. Not only did we talk about space policy and how policy is created, we talked about space weaponization and ways to avoid it, such as the distributive satellite defense. Listeners asked lots of questions about treaties violations, trust and verify, and much more. I believe this to be one of the finest space policy programs ever to appear on The Space Show. Our guests explained how the Secure World Foundation interacts with policy makers in this country and abroad, and how space policy is ultimately decided. This is a program you definitely will want to listen to and possibly reference in the future. Visit for more information about the organization and to send email to the Foundation for questions about Secure World, etc. Brian's and Ben's email addresses are on the website, but if you have questions or comments for them, please use the following email addresses: Ben: ; Brian: .



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26 Jan 2009 Dr. Brian Weeden, Ben Baseley-Walker
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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