Broadcast 451 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Jan 2006 Rand Simberg
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Rand Simberg returned for this Space Show program. As always, Rand is full of current information, important insights, realistic and grounded perspectives and a real treat to have as a gues on the program. We discussed the RTM program, its benefits and flaws, architecture, heavy lift, costs, economics, and future. We also heard Rand's preferred way of returning to the Moon so listen in to hear the differences! With questions from listeners as well as from me, Mr. Simberg spoke with us about NASA, and its companies, suborbital and orbital space tourism, the ISS, FAA regulations, safety, due diligence on the rocket companies, and the pubic's overall interest or lack thereof in the general space program and the VSE. We also spoke about Rand's blog, Transterrestrial Musings, He covers many topics on his blog, not just space, but his space insights are superb. Anyyone can post a respone or reply to an article but only Rand and Dr. Sam Dinkin write articles for the blog. Listening to this program will bring you current on many issues, space policy and economics, and even the proposed merger with Lockmart and Boeing for the Delta and Atlas launchers. Did you know for example that if the merger goes through, we might see the demise of the Delta? Listening to this program will provide you with all sorts of interesting space and related information and Rand is as always superb at giving us updates and useful, realistic information. You can contact Rand Simberg through his blog (the email address on the blog site is



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