Broadcast 899 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Feb 2008 Dr. Jeff Bell
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Guest: Dr. Jeff Bell returned to the Space Show for a two hour controversial discussion on many important topics. This is a program you will not want to miss. For example, did you know that we might soon see the cancellation of the human spaceflight program? Listen and see if you agree with Dr. Bell and his analysis. We also talked about the much needed human factors research which is not being done as well as other problems with NASA along with its focus on the VSE/Aries 1. Dr. Bell suggested that space tourism was the most promising of possible space business ventures Furthermore, he suggested the industry was top heavy with visionaries. Later in the show, we talked about confusing science fiction with real science and what can be done about it. This led to comprehensive discussion about sci-fi authors, such as Robert Heinlein, and the fact that they were writing escape literature and were not intending to produce blueprints for space development or space travel. You will want to hear this discussion. Space Solar Power was discussed along with the recent NSSO report. Don't miss Dr. Bell's analysis of this potential source of energy. During the first segment of our show, our military presence in space was discussed as well as our having recently shot down an ailing U.S. spy satellite. Engineering designs of space capsules came up and you will hear us compare the capsule design to an American Indian teepee. You will also hear Dr. Bell's requirements for real engineering regarding space mission and design work. We concluded this two hour program with a discussion about space journalism, blogs, and websites. Dr. Bell suggests that the credibility of many websites can be lacking, so you will want to hear what he has to say about this important subject. I asked him what we can do to defend against misinformation and bad facts. His solution to the problem makes this a must-hear part of the show. You can send your email comments and questions to Dr. Bell through me at



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