Broadcast 463 (Special Edition)

26 Feb 2006 William N. Hulsey
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William Hulsey was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Hulsey, as an expert attorney in intellectual property, put for the case for developing space intellectual property rights. He very thoroughly explains why this is important, what intellectual property rights mean for commercial space development and above all, why the time is right for developing these laws and rules now, rather than after commerce has begun. You will certainly find this discussion informative and compelling. We also discussed the present legal regime through the space treaties regarding intellectual property rights and also through our terrestrial legal system. In the last twenty minutes of the program Mr. Hulsey provides the listeners with superb online links and sites to visit to better understand intellectual property rights and to get information on them for both here in the United States and on an international basis. Listeners asked important questions about patent trolls and space commerce, the NASA Patent Act, and landed property rights. In Mr. Hulsey's discussion of landed property rights, he explained how protecting property and property rights, using early history with the development of barbed wire for fencing, helped commerce of all types thrive and succeed. Listeners are welcome to email comments or questions to Mr. Hulsey using my address at As soon as I get your email, I will forward it to Mr. Hulsey.



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