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We welcomed Kim Holder back to the show for a comprehensive closing 2017 and look ahead to 2018  Moonwards discussion. During the first segment of our 1 hour 50 minute program, Kim started the 2017 update and review for Moonwards, she talked about updates to the models, her preference for the Al Globus approach with his LEO equatorial space station concept and said many times during the program that we could do so much more and we are capable of so much more if only space development were a priority.  Also, we need to operate from a big picture vision.  Don't miss how Kim described this vision as she was very utopian in her view, especially regarding space settlement needs and resources for the people.  Later in the show this particular discussion theme extended to developing new systems and ideas for here on Earth, not just for space settlement. .

The program took a turn when I read the email from Judy in Des Moines.  Her email was long so listen to my summary of it on air.  The subject had to do with space via the Overview Effect or as Kim suggested, by what might happen with a space settlement that changed perspectives here on Earth as the emailer wanted to know if governments might fear these changes and stop or delay space development.  Kim had lots to say in response to Judy's email.  In fact, our discussion based on this question went on for the balance of the first segment.  Some of the key discussion elements introduced by Kim included coming from a position of plenty and abundance, not scarcity.  Many times Kim said there would be "plenty to go around" regarding the lunar colony but she also suggested this was probably the path into the future for here on Earth as well.  Toward the end of this diverse conversation, Adrian sent in a note about short term space colonization including the Moon and beyond as being the limits for humans without some form of genetic or futuristic modification.  I read Adrian's note in full on air.  Don't miss what Kim said in response.  We would like to know what you think about the subject so share your comments with us on our blog.

In the second segment, Kim focused on the development of Moonwards as an open source project.  She provided us with good, sound reasoning for this so don't miss what she said about open source.  At one point in this part of the discussion, in reference to our guest talking about finishing the Moonwards project, I asked Kim how she would know when she was "finished" with the project.  For sure you do not want to miss how Kim answered this question of when she will know she has reached the finish point. We then talked about her timeline which you can see on from the information Kim shared with us.  Kim suggested that vis a vis the timeline, she was hoping for about three more months to reach the milestone she mentioned on air.

Carol from Denver emailed Kim to ask her about the photo she put up on the blog before tonight's program.  This opened the door for Kim to talk about 3D models and her plans for Moonwards in the 3D modeling area.  Our friend Adrian then sent in another email suggesting that we will have choices, including taking a blue or red pill.  This is partially what Adrian said"  "The ability to model potential blueprints for alternate ideas in a realistic way is a very valuable tool. However at some point one has to decide on the blue pill or the red pill an so as much as the red pill brings about real risks and unknowns it must in the end be the only solution for actual progress to happen.  For those that feel that the blue pill is the solution, the universe will eventually if very slowly disintegrate all chance for any long term potential."  As you can imagine, Kim had much to say regarding Adrian's comments.  I suggested that Kim develop an Adrian Avatar requiring one to take the blue or red pill to enter the Moonwards site.  Kim explained what she meant by entering Moonwards as opposed to just visiting the website which can do now.  This is different than just going to the website today.  Don't miss what Kim said about being finished and being able to enter inside the Moonwards virtual colony.  I guess if you take the red pill, you enter.  If you take the blue pill, well, I don't know what happens. Kim, what happens? Do blue pill takers still get to enter inside Moonwards?  Before moving on to another topic, Ken sent in a note asking if Second Life was similar to what Kim was doing with Moonwards.  Don't miss what Kim said when comparing Second Life to what Kim has been developing. 

Paul sent in a note saying he wanted to go to Mars and did not concur that the Moon had all the advantages over Mars that Kim had been talking about during the program.  Kim compared the Moon to Mars for early settlement and stuck by her guns supporting the Moon now and for the short term which would lead to a better Mars experience several years from now.  Don't miss what Kim had to say in response to Paul.  What do think about the Moon or Mars now and for the short term?  Let us know by posting on our blog. 

Our next topics was about how Kim was in a way, cloning herself as the Moonwards lunar colony/settlement.  This was actually a challenging discussion as it was hard to put into words the idea of Moonwards being a clone of Kim.  In her complicated but very credible response, Kim also pointed out that she wanted Moonwards to take on the persona of others too using the open source format.  She also talked about others cloning all of Moonward and doing something else with their version of it.  Kim was very supportive of these ideas.

Before the program ended, Peggy in Kansas City asked Kim about the Earth to Moon transportation segment.  Kim talked about that, cislunar transportation and lunar to lunar orbit transportation and more using her concept of nuclear shuttles. With time for one or two more topics, Kim stressed the need for international partners and participation.  She also said everything on Moonwards and in the colony would automatically be public domain.  Don't miss her explanation behind the public domain requirement.  The final topic focused on taking our pets to the colony, mainly dogs.  Kim raised some interesting questions about that, especially from the perspective of the dog/pet.

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26 Dec 2017 Kim Holder
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