Broadcast 1144 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Apr 2009 Dr. Mike Gruntman, Karsan McGillicuddy
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Guests: Dr. Michael Gruntman; Karsan McGillicuddy. Topics: History of rockets, astronautics, Grand Forks, ND, Space Aliens Grill and Bar. Dr. Mike Gruntman, Professor of Astronautics at the University of Southern California (USC) was our guest for the first segment of this special Space Show program. Dr. Gruntman delivered a colloquium talk to the Space Studies department of UND on April 6, 2009 on the history of rockets. With both his permission and the permission of Dr. David Whalen, Space Studies Chairman, this talk is being presented here as a Space Show program. The last segment of this program features Karsan McGillicuddy talking about the new Grand Forks, ND restaurant, Space Aliens Grill and Bar. Since I go to Grand Forks to teach in the Space Studies Department, I thought it appropriate and fun to tell listeners about this new restaurant with a space theme. I hope you enjoy the discussion with Karsan as much as I did plus I got to enjoy the fine food at the Space Aliens Grill and Bar with friends including Dr. Gruntman and Dr. Jurist. Later in the week Suezette and Bev from Space Studies joined Dr. Jurist and myself for another round at Space Aliens. To learn more about Dr. Gruntman and the USC program, visit Dr. Gruntman's personal website is A similar lecture to the one you will hear with this program is on his site, along with his video clips and more can be found at His talk was titled "The Road To Space: The First Thousand Years." To learn more about Space Aliens Grill and Bar, please visit If you have comments or questions for either Dr. Gruntman or Karsan McGillicuddy, please send them to me at and I will forward them to you.



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