Broadcast 331 (Special Edition)

26 Apr 2005 Robert Zimmerman
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Robert Zimmerman returned to The Space Show to update listeners on the happenings within the space community. We discussed return to flight with the upcoming Discovery shuttle flight, the new NASA Administrator Dr. Mike Griffin, Hubble, the Voyager program, and more. Bob pointed out the difference in NASA this year in its open support of many alternative and advocate space conferences, including ISDC among others. Zimmerman was also quick to point out some of the rough spots that are still plaguing NASA, including possible truthfulness, numbers, and more. We discussed congress, lobbying, and the testimony and comments made last week by Burt Rutan before congressional committee. In response to listener questions, Mr. Zimmerman commented on regulations and their true cost to the entrepreneurial efforts to develop a commercial space presence. You will certainly want to hear this space news update and Mr. Zimmerman will return again to continue keeping us informed of the latest things happening in our community.



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