Broadcast 217 (Special Edition)

26 Apr 2004 Thomas A. Olson
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Tom Olson, the CEO and co-founder of The Colony Fund, was the guest on The Space Show for this program as the scheduled guest was unavailable at the time of the show. Mr. Olson updated on the status and progress being made with The Colony Fund, a proposed $500 million public mutual fund with a targeted focus on making space industry investments. The Colony Fund is progressing nicely in its legal and management proceedings to be able to solicit its start-up capital and its needed SEC public registration. We will be hearing more from Mr. Olson on the Colony Fund as these processes move forward and the Colony Fund goes from its planning stages to implementation. In addition, Mr. Olson was at the Space Access Conference this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona and we shared our thoughts on the conference, the speakers and their presentations, the new developments in the space entrepreneurism community, and some of the great moments from the conference such as when the FAA AST handed XCOR its launch license making this company the second private rocket company to have earned the new launch license. Both Mr. Olson and I talked about the presentation for space weather and its use by the space community to help plan launches and commercial operations, we learned more about Orbital Recovery, a company discussed in recent shows by both Walt Anderson and Dennis Wingo as Mr. Wingo made an in-depth presentation about his company operations. Mr. Olson highlighted other presentations and speakers from this important conference and the value of the networking that exists at Space Access. We also discussed how very open this conference and all attendees are to those newly interested in space or not knowing much about the private sector and its space potential. To this end, we received an e-mail from a listener in Ft. Lauderdale regarding her being comfortable at such a future conference and Leslie from Seattle called the show to tell us that she met us in the lobby of the hotel as she was attending her own conference and how impressed she was with learning about space, how she met many of those at Space Access, how open and interesting people were and how she was enjoying listening to The Space Show. Thus, this Space Show program concluded with solid evidence of how our Space Access efforts brought new people into the world of private space advocacy.



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