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We welcomed back Dr. John Brandenburg to mainly talk about hybrid fission-fusion reactors though in the first segment, I shared my audience experience at AIAA Space 2016 with John's GEM & nukes on Mars presentations.  As I have said on air, I was more interested in the audience reaction to his two talks than his content which he has presented several times on this show.  I detailed my assessment of the AIAA audience reaction which was in my opinion, very favorable. 

John also talked about the Estes Park conference last week for breakthrough propulsion research.  Here, EmDrive was a big part of the discussion.  John reported on some of the progress being made around the world regarding EmDrive research.  One of the important announcements was that the NASA Eagleworks EmDrive paper will be published in December.  The paper, "Measurement of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio Frequency Cavity in Vacuum" will be published in the December issue of the AIAA journal, The Journal of Propulsion and Power (  Early reports are that the paper has positive findings.  We are looking for this paper and will be reporting about it on The Space Show.  If NASA lifts the media blackout with Eagleworks researchers, I will again try to get some of the team back on The Space Show.  To find out more about this advanced propulsion workshop, visit and  Before the first segment ended, John Hunt called to discuss physics with Dr. Brandenburg.  Their discussion addressed John's work with the gravity constant and much more.

In the second segment, we turned our attention to hybrid fusion-fission reactors.  Our guest defined this type of fusion and explained its advantages.  Our discussion was technical at times but do follow it.  Our guest proclaimed many times that such reactors could solve the climate and energy problems.  We talked about why policy makers do not advocate for this type of research or for a demo project while work on these reactors moves forward in China and Russia.

Adrian sent in a note about molten salt reactors plus he commented that Brandenburg's GEM theory would seem to violate the Casimir effect that should predict a repulsive force instead of the observed attractive force.  See what you think of John's response and comments to Adrian's questions.  Tim called wanting to know about magnetic targeted fusion per the company General Fusion (see John and Tim talked about this to some degree, also breakeven fusion.  Tim brought up fusers and the possibility of a fusion sail.

Later in the segment, John had much to say about the transmutation of nuclear waste.  He said there was no champion for this in the US. He also explained this and he talked about the political barriers to hybrid fusion and why in his opinion the U.S. does not seem to move forward on this technology.  He also made the point that we were technically ready to build and operate basic hybrid fission-fusion reactors.  He repeated that the politics, will, and the lack of leadership were bigger challenges to overcome than the engineering and science.

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25 Sep 2016 Dr. John Brandenburg
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