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Guest: Jim Muncy. Topics: U. S. space policy. Jim Muncy returned to The Space Show for space policy updates, policy related information, and how to make space relevant for the American people and Congress. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and rate this program on the new Space Show blog, As we started the first of two segment for this two hour program, I suggested to Jim after reading his bio on air that things in the space policy and accomplishment arena had not advanced that much referring back to the issues Jim worked when he was on the staff of the House Science Committee's Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee a decade ago. Jim said that things had actually devolved from that older period. He then talked about space being about jobs and that what was missing was the connection to space, the relevance of it to the rest of us and certainly to members of Congress. This discussion took us through most of the first segment and its an important discussion. We also talked about the two compromise bills, the Senate and House versions, and Jim explained them to us, as well as why the Administration program was the right program and still is the right program. Jim brought up heavy lift and had much to say about this topic including that we really cannot afford it at this time. We talked space infrastructure, partnering with DOD and the commercial companies, and working to break the paradigm of fixed infrastructure which is very costly. We took several listener questions and a call by Charles in Mojave . Toward the end of this segment, we talked about the private companies taking federal money and the risk in their doing so. Jim had much to say on this issue so do not miss this important discussion. At the end of the first segment, we were talking depots, Jim referenced the HEFT report and the NASA plan to do a sort of inline shuttle derived heavy lift as opposed to the depot model. In segment two, a listener brought up the recent Thalia program and her comments on the frontier analogy. Jim then explained what was meant by the term frontier in space. Another listener asked about international partners for space development. This led to another important and substantive discussion with our guest. Later in this segment, we focused in on the NASA Authorization and the NASA Appropriation requirements by Congress. Jim explained that the authorization is not essential and we talked about why the House should accept the Senate version and vote on it this week. During the balance of the program, Jim talked about policy strategy, the need to develop the commercial segment and the fact that space must become relevant to both Congress and the people if we are to have a space program, especially in the context of future budget requirements for NASA. I believe this to be an important discussion and urge you to listen to it and tell others about it. Even if you disagree with Jim Muncy, the issues he is talking about strike at the core of our space policy debate. If you have a comment or question for Mr. Muncy, you can email him at



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25 Sep 2010 James A. M. Muncy
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