Broadcast 3225 Sarah Cruddas; Open Lines

25 Nov 2018 Sarah Cruddas, Dr. David Livingston
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Guest:  Sarah Cruddas; Open Lines:  Topics:  Space For Humanity with Sarah followed by an Open Lines discussion on multiple topics with several callers.


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We welcomed guest Sarah Cruddas to the program for the first half hour to talk with us about Space For Humanity (  Sarah told described the mission and the vision, how to submit a video application for one of the upcoming space missions, plus she responded to several listeners asking logistical and other types of questions.  You can watch some the applicant videos at  Our guest also talked about others developing the hardware and the probability that Space For Humanity would start out with suborbital space missions.  Listeners also asked if the Space For Humanity missions would be space settlement types of missions or would the astronauts be returning. 


Sarah was asked about the organization's expected outcomes for sending people to space.  Don't miss what Sarah said in response to this question.   Multiple times during our discussion Sarah talked about space as a transformative process with a transformative effect on people which then brought into the discussion the Overview Effect.  Much was said about the Overview Effect and the need for those going to space to become ambassadors for space and to share their passion and experience with others.  The plans is for the citizen ambassadors to return back to Earth and then motivate, inspire and share their experiences with others through many different ways and means.  Before we ended this short segment with Sarah, Marshall called with a question about cultural differences and how Space For Humanity was going to deal with different cultural perspectives.  Also mentioned was the need to use commercial space to influence others to bring about the goals of Space For Humanity.  Sarah provided her contact information on air or you can find it at their website,


In the second segment and for the balance of today's program, we operated an Open Lines discussion program.  Our first caller was John from Freemont who also called earlier to talk to Sarah as he was very enthusiastic about learning  about Space For Humanity.  For his Open Lines discussion, we talked about the lunar paper he sent me, "Commercial Lunar Propellant Architecture" which you can find here:  Our caller the mentioned the news articles that appeared to suggest a possible SLS cancellation should the BFR and the large Blue Origins rocket become operational.  John then mentioned the Aerospace Corporation's Solar Gravity Lens Telescope for Exoplanets.  You can read about this special telescope project at

Michael Listner was our next caller.  He announced that he wanted to join our new Advisory Board (  We also talked about the newly announced safety inspection for Boeing and SpaceX plus the politics that may be behind this inspection.  Michael talked about Hold Harmless Agreements, spaceflight safety in general and we mentioned the large number of space startups that seemed to be coming into play.

SLS John was our next caller. He talked about the SLS and the Gateway, suggesting both were better than nothing.  Don't miss the discussion as I doubt the "my way or the highway" concept with these space projects is really all there is.  What do you think?  Let us know by posting on the blog.  We also talked about NASA funding and budget issues, plus additional funding possibilities with the new congress and our mounting national debt. 

Kim from Mexico was our final caller for the day.  She referenced Sarah's call and had much to say about very large and often impractical space vision projects that may not connect with the general public and are hard to make happen.  She suggested approaches were often too costly and the goals to far a reach to be obtained.  Please join in on this discussion by posting your comments on the blog.

You can reach Sarah Cruddas through her website or me, plus you can reach any of the other callers to the Open Lines program through me.  Please post your comments on TSS blog for this show.




Sarah Cruddas for the first half hour on Space For Humanity followeed by a special Open Lines program

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