Broadcast 3123, Kim Holder,

25 May 2018 Kim Holder
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We welcomed back Kim Holder of for a new and different two part 97 minute comprehensive Moonwards discussion.  Please note that early in the first segment we lost the phone line to Kim but were able to call her back without further phone issues for the interview.  I asked our guest to start out with a basic introduction to Moonwards given The Space Show always has first time listeners and some may not be familiar with the Moonwards project.  Kim spent several minutes introducing us to Moonwards and the concept that it would "portray technically realistic lunar settlements in the future where expansion across the solar system is a high priority and funds to do so speedily are provided."  Kim talked about accessing the LRO data for Moonwards realism and the siting of the colony at Lalande Crater.  Kim further stated that she was still working on important parts of the Moonwards experience with a goal of rolling out the full interactive version next year.  She said visitors to the colony would arrive on a shuttle at a Moonwards spaceport, go through an airlock and then to the habs via lunar rovers.  During their trip, visitors would be presented with Moonwards introductory material for their review and familiarization. 

Next, Kim provided us with the backstory for Moonwards which we had not heard before and which you will find most interesting.  She also said that the Moonwards experience would be such that visitors to the colony would feel like they were in a real place and that they could interact and talk with other people.  She mentioned the 3D technology being used for Moonwards.

Our guest received several emails during both segments of the program.  For example, Joe in Phoenix wanted to know what the Moonwards experience would be like today when going to the site given the Moonwards roll out would not happen until 2019.  Kim explained what a visitor would see and experience today and then contrasted it with what it will be like with the full site development.  Listener Linda asked Kim if when the full site was operational, would there be a tutorial for the visitors.  Kim addressed this subject in some detail so don't miss what she said.  Jody from North Dakota as if there would be lunar inhabitants in the colony.  Kim talked about people with skill being able to create their own lunar people as Moonwards will be open source.  Kim spoke about visitors being able to create lots on their own given the open source nature of the site and related matters so don't miss her discussion throughout our program on what the visitors can do with Moonwards.

I asked Kim how she came up with the idea of Moonwards and developed the extensive and comprehensive Moonwards vision, then planned for and started the implementation of all parts of her vision.  This was an interesting personal story that you will want to hear.  Kim was also asked why the Moon and not Mars.  She thought that Mars was the wrong place but don't miss all of what she said regarding the Mars-Moon debate.

In the second segment, I led with an email question from Carl in Reno inquiring about the Moonwards visitors having lunar sex with another Moonwards visitor.  Kim addressed this head on so you definitely want to listen to her reply to the Carl email  Essentially, Moonwards visitors can create their own activities and more via the open source capability of Moonwards.  When pressed for more, she said the activity that a would be Moonwards visitor would create would also be at lunar gravity.

After the sex on the Moon discussion, another question presented to Kim inquired about the model being used to demonstrate and engage in daily lunar life. Kim talked about 3D environments, stairs on the Moon and much more.  Following this short discussion, Harold asked about Moonwards having swimming pools.  Kim said yes but listen to all of what she said on this subject. She was also asked about other activities including golf.  She described a very long habitat as part of the Moonwards village which named the Long Dome.  Another listener wanted to know about the use of spacesuits for going outside the habitat on Moonwards.  Kim had much to explain about spacesuits, their usage, robots, and applicable spacesuit situations. 

Another listener asked her about the development of a cislunar transportation system to facility going to Moonwards.  Kim said a great transportation system was needed so listen to her on this important subject.  She talked about using nuclear shuttles, skyhooks and more.  As we were closing in on the end of our program, Beth asked about policy, laws, regulations and Moonwards cops.  Kim talked about modeling Moonwards from the Star Trek world and that it would be very utopian and evolved.  She talked about the few visitors that would likely cause disruptions and problems, then she talked about the use of teams and groups and the importance of Moonwards tribes and tribe membership.  Don't miss this important discussion.

One of the last questions came from Sharon in Los Angeles.  Sharon did a simple comparison with SpaceX and Elon Musk with Kim and Moonwards regarding succession of leadership if something happened to Musk or if something happened to Kim.  In her reply, Kim had lots to say about SpaceX and Elon Musk.  I bet her comments surprise you.  Kim did address her own planned "what comes after Kim" succession for Moonwards.  Her plan, such that it was a plan, might also surprise you so don't miss this discussion near the end of the program.  The last question came from Alan who asked if Kim was actively seeking volunteers.  Don't miss what she said about volunteers and the timing of them.  She also provided her email address on air for listeners to directly contact her.  That said, Kim does respond to Space Show blog comments so post away. Don't miss Kim's concluding remarks about the importance of big vision projects.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Kim Holder through me or TSS blog, the Moonwards website, or the email address Kim provided near the end of the program.




Moonwards: Setting Up The Preview World

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