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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Pat Patterson to discuss the SmallSat 2017 Conference to be held in Logan, Utah from August 5-10, 2017. During our 61 minute one segment program, we began our discussion talking about SmallSat 2017, the theme, the idea of Big Data from Small Satellites and the complete redesign of their website which I quickly commented on and liked.  Don't miss what Pat said about the theme, cities, and their very special website design.  Check it all out at  Pat explained the Big Data concept and how it was showing up with small satellites, launch vehicles, capacity, ground services and even missions being directed by a new breed of PIs.  He said that the industry was now presented with more tools for development and use from both government and the private sector. 

Pat highlighted the keynote Speaker, Dr. Robert Cardillo, Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.  Pad then mentioned the new "flash talks" which are short 3 minute planned talks outside the main body of talks and presentations at the conference.  Don't miss what he said about these short talks and how to present one for next year.  When asked if SmallSat would be live streamed this year, he said it would be streamed outside the main presentation room to other parts of the conference such as the Exhibit Hall but there were no plans to make it available on the internet.  He also said that as before, the event would be single track. 

The expected attendance this year might approach or even surpass 2,500 people!  When asked what he thought the triggers were for that type of SmallSat growth as well as growth in the industry, Pat suggested that lower costs and fewer barriers to entry were playing a role in the growth and the conference growth.  Don't miss what we both had to say on this subject.  We then talked about the lunches and snack breaks and overall attendee accommodations at SmallSat.

A listener asked about remaining hotel space.  As you will hear, the town of Logan plus nearby towns are sold out but Ogden which is about 45 minutes from Logan has space available.   I then commented that for this year, there were two nights of industry parties for those attending SmallSat.  The parties will be Tuesday and Wednesday as Monday night is taken up with the traditional SmallSat welcome social outside the Space Dynamics Lab.  One of the parties mentioned was being hosted by Federal Express. I asked about Federal Express and space and learned about their White Glove Service for satellite and space hardware shipments. Pat explained this service, which was new to me.  Make sure you hear what Pat said about the Fed Ex White Glove Service.  Very cool!

This year's SmallSat has 27 side meetings. We talked about this and highlighted a few, especially the one that will focus on financing space ventures.   This side meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday.  You can see all the side meetings at  Before the segment ended, Tim called us from Huntsville wanting to know about Interorbital.  We did not have any information for Tim and I suggested he give them a call if he wanted more than just their website updates.  BJohn sent in a blog question wanting to know about the launch prices because he said ride share appeared to be cheaper than using a dedicated small launcher. Pat suggested a better way of looking at the issue was that with ride share, you had to go when the primary launched and if they were delayed, so were you.  Furthermore, with rideshare you don't get your choice of orbit or location.  With the dedicated small launcher, you select the launch date and the orbital destination.  Both Pat and I thought these were significant advantages that may be more important than just the price per kilo for the launch.  Before we ended our program, Pat talked about transportation from the Salt Lake City airport to Logan.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog.  If you attend SmallSat this year, let us know and tell us about it on an upcoming Open Lines show.  You can reach Dr. Pat Patterson through me or through the SmallSat website.




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25 Jul 2017 Dr. Pat Patterson
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