Broadcast 898 (Special Edition)

25 Feb 2008 David Hook
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Guest: David Hook. David Hook was the guest for this special program in order to discuss the unusual topic of security regulations for space tourism. As President of his company, Planehook Aviation Services in San Antonio, Texas, David specializes in security work for general aviation, but he has quietly expanded this interest to space tourism. During the first segment of the program, David referenced the FAA/AST regulations dealing with security issues and told us what they mean and how they are likely to be interpreted and applied. We then discussed how space tourism companies would likely comply with these regulations, the costs which may be incurred, and if there would really be added safety for spaceflight participants. David received many listener questions about the No Fly List for spaceflight participants, possible terrorism for suborbital tourism, insurance, and much more. Several listeners also asked him to give an opinion on the way airport security and searches are carried out now, including shoe removal and other methods used which many people find offensive and/or even useless. You will want to hear what he has to say about the subject. David also received questions about applying the security regulations to overseas spaceports given that many FAA regulations are enforced overseas. Again, listen to what he says about this issue. Another question dealt with the timeline of when the space tourism industry would start taking this issue of security seriously. David suggested it should be taken seriously right now given the lead times to have things in place for commercial flight operations. Much more was discussed, even the fact that there are forces who want to harm and destroy what we and others do, thus the need for security and the regulations. I am sure you will find this program as informative as I did and I am equally sure that Mr. Hook will return as a Space Show guest to keep us abreast of this important topic. You can send David Hook your comments or questions at



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