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Guest:  Jose Ocasio-Christian;  Topics:  Jose updated us on Caelus Partners, LLC and introduced us to the new partnership with ProcureAM, Community in Space LLC.

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We welcomed Jose Ocasio-Christian back to the program for Caelus Partners updates and the introduction of their new program with ProcureAM, Community In Space LLC.  Please see the attached document to this archive page titled "Community in Space, LLC: A Conduit to the Financial and Economic Growth of Space."  This two page document effectively summarizes the Community in Space program we talked about for most of our 90 minute discussion.  In addition, as I have done with other recent Space Show programs, check out the tags and key words, repeated below, as they do a good job of summarizing key additional discussion topics in the order discussed on our program. 

Tags/Key Words Repeated Here:  "Jose Ocasio-Christian, Caelus Partners, LLC, Community in Space LLC, ProcureAM, space portfolio development and financing, growing the space industry, space industry financial services, workforce development, key financial and industry leadership, venture capital, technology compared to value, finding opportunities, GICS, asset value process, investor recognized values, egos, market factors, space investment bubble, consumer driven market considerations, government driven market considerations, general industry growth rate, compared to space industry growth rate, geopolitical issues, lunar development, available windows for capital availability, closed window analysis, space settlement, settlement basics, fix Earth first, how to get Earth to support space, showing value of space here on Earth, blue collar workers, engineering technology stagnation, economic code .for space industry, China workshops with Caelus Foundation and Secure World Foundation, solving market and financing problems for space development."

Jose started the discussion with the Community In Space introduction and the naming of two key challenges:  1) workforce development issues for the space industry; 2) Challenges with making sure the space industry has sufficient financial resources for investors and growth.  Jose then talked about the Caelus partnership with ProcureAM.  Space Show listeners know this company and Andrew Chanin as he is a frequent guest regarding the ProcureAM ETF, UFO.  Jose addressed hot markets, venture capital and the concept of value to market.  Our guest went into great detail to explain to us that technology was not the same nor was or is it equal to value.  Make sure you listen to all of what Jose had to say on this important topic.  In moving on, Jose called out the Fidelity " Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS): An objective language for sectors (GICS)" which is a year to year look at growth of the overall market which he identified in his email already posted to our blog.  Pay attention to the space growth factor and what Jose said the reports show about space industry overall growth.  Jose spent considerable time talking about the challenges of the space industry growth rate as compare to overall industry growth rates.  He indicated that this was a potentially troubling indicator.

Additional issues brought up included a look at government being slow to deliver the goods, investor challenges, workforce issues, and the lack of a strategic strategy to combat these and other challenges.  Another issue introduced to our conversation in a listener email focused on the possibility of the space industry being in an economic bubble.  Jose addressed this subject in some detail so don't miss what he said.  Fremont John called to talk about the ProcureAM ETF known as UFO.  He also brough up lunar development.  Jose started framing this in a geopolitical framework requiring massive understanding, including the windows that were available or that closed regarding capital acquisition opportunities.  Next, space settlement became a discussion topics.  Once again, don't miss what our guest said on this topic.  he did talk about the need to show value of space here on Earth.  In fact, several recent guests have been saying the same thing.  Is anybody out there listening?

Questions came in about the space workforce and blue collar workers along with technology workers.  Jose said that the engineering tech areas were not growing.  He then cited as a factor that the previously mentioned GICS report does not contain a specific space industry code.  He explained the importance of this to us.  Lots more was said on the space workforce issue, including my retelling of my experiences lobbying in Sacramento years ago for space workforce favorable educational legislation for California. 

As we were moving toward the end of the program, Bill asked about the workshops with China that Jose had talked about on earlier Space Show programs.  Jose referred to the Caelus Foundation programs with the Secure World Foundation and China.  He then provided us with a quick update on those workshops and the future workshops planned with the same parties.

Jose summarized the program talking about value and markets in the right way per his commentary on this program.  He talked about the team behind Community in Space, making sure we knew why it was the right, proven team to address the challenges and difficulties facing the space industry now and into the future.  This was an information packed program so do listen to it carefully as not everything has been highlighted in this summary.

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Caleus updates and The Community In Space LLC

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24 Sep 2021 Jose Ocasio-Christian
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