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Guest:  Dr. Susan Jewell; Topics:  The Mars Academy projects, programs, and plans.  Also, how best to become a multi-planet species and Going To Space For Earth.

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We welcomed Dr. Susan Jewell to the program for a one segment 100 minute extensive discussion about the Mars Academy USA programming, classes, goals, objectives and projects along with how best and why wo have human spaceflight within LEO and BLEO.  Please visit the company website at  In addition, check out the items posted on the blog about programming, dates and plans.  We started our discussion with Dr. Jewell with an introduction to the Mars Academy USA (MAU) and their visionary projects and leadership.  Dr. Jewell spent a good portion of the program explaining all of their training programs, most of which are summarized on their website, plus the origins of this visionary thinking through her studying with Dr. Peter Diamandis and her work with the Singularity University.  Dr. Jewell referenced the concept of MTP (massive transformative purpose) many times during our discussion so stay tuned for her explanation regarding MTP.  Many times during the discussion, our guest talked about the MAU vision enabling us to become an interplanetary species.

Susan talked about three important aspects of the program, Moon shot, Mars shot and Earth shot.  Listen to her explanation of each of these aspects of their program.  Other topics discussed including the training location in the Los Angeles area plus 3D printing followed by learning how to correctly and effectively use the 3D printed tools and items.  Susan also introduced us to the concept and training program for telesurgery when we discussed the medical simulations and science training classes.  In response to listener emails, Susan talked about the two track Mars Medic program (see the website). One track is for people without professional medical or related training with the second track being for the professional side of this training. 

Additional topics discussed included future mission plans for the disabled, elderly, indoor and outdoor programs.  She also said there would be monthly programs for 2019 with the schedule posted on the website in the near future.  Ted sent in a note commenting that that the focus seemed broader than just Mars given the name of the organization was the Mars Academy USA.  This opened the door for an MAU discussion about their vision with innovation, challenges and solving the challenges by means here on Earth.  Susan repeated their theme which was and is TO SPACE FOR EARTH.  Susan then explained their STEM and STEAM programming with an emphasis on an expanded definition for S.T.E.A.M.E.D.  Don't miss her explanation of this broader term  than just STEM or even STEAM. 

Science, research, and development were a big part of our discussion.  Here, we talked more about space surgery, the 3D printed tools mentioned earlier, augmented and virtual reality plus our guest expanded the discussion on the two track medical training track.   Jerry then sent in an email to inquire about space settlement. Susan had much to say on this subject, some of which may surprise you so listen carefully to this discussion.  Let us know your thoughts on this topic by posting on our blog for this show.  Returning to the Moon, going on to Mars and living BLEO were big parts of this discussion.  Then our guest was asked about possible show stoppers in the human spaceflight arena.  Don't miss what Susan had to say about the human factors and safety challenges that lie ahead for human spaceflight. 

We took a call from Paul near the end of the program who wanted to comment about the investment side of human spaceflight along with the financing.  Susan and Paul had a good discussion that was also broad, even talking about the challenges reusable rockets and breaking with the traditional financing models.  Susan even referenced The Overview Effect.  Susan and Paul talked about space access costs still being prohibitive though Susan talked about transformative technology that was being developed all the time.  Susan had much to say about entrepreneurship and astropreneurship.  She also repeated that the key to space was commercial space and that going to space was about saving Earth.  Many times during our program our guest focused on commercial space development as an important key for enhancing space for Earth.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show. You can reach Dr. Jewell through me, the email address she gave out on air and her website.




Mars Academy USA news, information, projects, and plans

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24 Sep 2018 Dr. Susan Jewell
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