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Guest: Michael Potter, documentary film maker, was the guest for this show to talk with us about his new documentary film, "Orphans of Apollo: The Battle of the Mir & the New Space Revolution" (see for more information). Mr. Potter told us the story of his documentary, the origin of the name "Orphans of Apollo," and we spoke at length about the cast of characters involved in working to buy the Mir Space Station from Russia for a commercial venture. You will hear about personalities, strategies, grand dreams, and plans. Don't miss it! Listeners asked Michael many questions, including looks forward as well as telling us what space would have been like today had Mir been purchased by this group of entrepreneurs and financiers. You will find this view most interesting. Other listeners asked about the attitudes of those interviewed about their efforts to buy Mir. For example, are there regrets because they were unsuccessful? Are there solid ideas as to what could have been done differently, for example, to be more partnership oriented with NASA? Was the business plan for MirCorp sound, were there good ROI projections and marketing plans? Michael can answer all these questions and he does on this show. Another listener asked him if he thought the ISS might go up for sale commercially when its NASA and space agency life is declared over. Don't miss what Mr. Potter has to say about this. How about spending $1.00 for the ISS? Any takers? Michael knows the answer! The schedule for theaters playing Orphans will soon be available on the website, but if listeners want information about the film, the schedule, or pricing when the DVD becomes available later in the year, visit this site and fill out the email form : In addition, if you have comments or questions for Michael Potter, please use this form. In the subject line, please reference The Space Show radio program



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24 Mar 2008 Michael Potter
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