Broadcast 691 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

24 Mar 2007 Dr. J. J. Hurtak
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Dr. J. J. Hurtak was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Hurtak spoke with Space Show listeners about the importance of establishing ethical and other appropriate legal regimes to protect the space environment, further space development, and to protect the interest of all peoples on Earth regarding space. In this discussion, many sub topics were brought up such as commercial development and enhancing the New Space and entrepreneurial development, working to develop closed life support systems for future space habitation and lunar or Martian settlement, terraforming for Mars and much more. This is a wide ranging discussion which will likely be upsetting to some listeners but the thrust is to make sure space is available for everyone and then how best to do that so that as many as possible can participate in its development and outcomes. I urge you to listen to this program. Visit Dr. Hurtak's website for more information, the Academy for Future Science. The URL is Your comments and questions should come to me at drspace and I will forward them to Dr. Hurtak. Keywords: space law, property rights, environment, Moon Treaty, United Nations, ethics,ethical.



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