Broadcast 473 (Special Edition)

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Alan Boyle returned to The Space Show today to discuss many important news and space developments. We started the discussion with perspectives on what was then the upcoming SpaceX Falcon 1 launch which unfortunately turned unsuccessful later in the day. Alan also talked about space reporting journalism, MSNBC science and space reporting, and his recent visit to the Blue Origins headquarters near Kent, Washington. Alan spoke about the NASA COTS program, the COTS participants, why there needs to be completion of the ISS with additional shuttle flights, and more. We discussed the politics of the VSE, space attitudes of congress and the American people, NASA's latest snags and even the ongoing search for water and life prompted by the amazing Cassini photography and mission around Enceladus. Alan gave us his opinion on suborbital space flight and says he is ready to go, at least at this point but he would clearly pick and choose the vehicle carefully, doing lots of due diligence which he explained on air. Alan Boyle invites feedback from listeners from this show today, but also from his MSNB reporting. The direct link to the MSNBC space pages is He also writes a blog which you will find on this website with a direct link to commenting on his blog comments. You can email him with your additional comments or questions at



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24 Mar 2006 Alan Boyle
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