Broadcast 2869 Jay Wittner, Ron Jones

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We welcomed back both Jay Wittner and Ron Jones of the Integrated Space Analytics Company to discuss the underway update for the revised Integrated Space Plan ( (ISP).  During the first segment of our 88 minute program, Jay and Ron talked about both the history of the ISP and the changes being made for the new version which is an update from the 2015 version of the plan.  Jay introduced us to the ISP and the 2017 version while Ron, who created the ISP around 1990, took us through the history of the plan, why he created, what it was used for in the early years, and how it has been revived and is being used today. 

Among the topics discussed included changes to the plans and its more than 500 cells or units. We talked about educational and space policy outreach to national space policy makers and key government people involved in space policy planning and creation.  We talked about the role of the industry, space advocates, and DOD with military space. 

Listeners asked many email questions including questions related to plans with SLS and Orion, plus producing the plan in different languages.  Ron and Jay addressed the differences in the online version which is much more flexible as compared to the poster version of the ISP.  Release date for the new version will coincide with this year's NSS ISDC Conference in St. Louis from May 25-29, 2017.

In the second segment of the broadcast, Jay and Ron turned their attention to the upcoming ISDC Conference.  You can get more information from the ISDC website which is  Our guests talked about the multiple tracks and the fact that there were still speaking opportunities available.  If you are interested, follow the instructions provided early in this segment for the submission of your abstract.  With 12 tracks for the event, for sure you are likely to find something suitable for the subject you would like to address at the event. 

Our guests talked about the rollout of the new ISP at ISDC.  In addition, the ISP will be promoted up front at the start of all the tracks.  Some topic and track examples for both the ISDC and ISP  were provided when talking about ISRU with lunar water, new and advanced technologies including advanced propulsion, cislunar development and more.  In a note sent in from Sweden by BJohn, we learned that even interstellar spaceflight was on the agenda and was part of the ISP.

Near the end of the segment, Jaime from Toronto asked our guests if there was anything that had blindsided them in terms of space development which today is on the ISP but nobody saw coming in previous years.  Our guests mentioned 3D printing and nanotech which they said were game changers.  So was the advent of the flyback booster which is fast becoming routine with SpaceX orbital insertion flights.  Don't miss all of what Jay and Ron had to say in response to this question. 

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Updates for The Integrated Space Splan

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24 Feb 2017 Jay Wittner, Ron Jones
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