Broadcast 1315 (Special Edition)

24 Feb 2010 Greg Meholic, Dr. Mario Pinheiro
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Guests: Dr. Mario Pinheiro; Greg Meholic. Topics:" Advanced propulsion ideas and theories. Greg Meholic was the co-host with me for this special program featuring Dr. Mario Pinheiro from Portugal to talk about his plasma physics and fluidic space time research that may have applications for advanced space propulsion. In our first segment, Greg and Dr. Pinheiro provided us with background information on plasma physics, fluids, space time and Maxwell equations. As you will hear, Dr. Pinheiro applied math formulas to the Maxwell equations to make them more dynamic and this forms the basis of some of his research. We also discussed the extreme theoretical and any realistic time lines to commercial or relevant hardware. You do not want to miss this discussion. Other subjects discussed in this segment included the aether as a quantum vacuum. Greg referenced the Tri Space Universe and subluminal and superluminal space. A listener asked for a definition of mainstream science and why the subjects being discussed on the show were not considered mainstream. As we approached the end of this segment, our guests said that a theory is that gravity is the space between the space in the Tri Space model or between sub, luminal, and superluminal space. As we started the second segment, Trent from Australia asked about a paper on magneto electro particles by Alex Feigel. Our guests were familiar with this work and discussed it. Other listeners wanted to know how this advanced physics could help facilitate a different type of space transportation. Our guests described some theories on how propulsion could be derived from what we were exploring on the show so don't miss how this science can evolve to being very relevant for space travel and access. Later in this segment, I asked Professor Pinheiro how he remained grounded while working on far out, out of the box theories. Here our discussion led us into the area of peer review and both Greg and Professor Pinheiro had much to say on the peer review process, especially for advanced or out of the box theories. This is a very important discussion, don't miss it. Listener Elisabeth brought up the issue of science fraud as a result of what we are seeing and reading about in climate science and asked our guests if all science was now contaminated with fraud. Greg and Dr. Pinheiro provided a stark difference in science based on math as we discussed on this show and science relying on data and analysis which is much easier to be manipulated. Also, more money flows to the latter and money can be corrupting. This is a very important discussion about the importance of honest science, manipulation, and corruption and I am sure you will want to hear it. Fusion was brought up by a listener toward the end of the show and Dr. Pinheiro made the additional comment that in his opinion the best science today was done in the U.S. and Japan. He ended with an appeal for us in the States to continue doing real fundamental research. Make sure you hear his closing comments. If you have questions for Greg Meholic or Dr. Mario Pinheiro, here is how to contact each of them: Greg: For Mario Pinheiro, use To down load abstracts and papers from the SPESIF conference referred to during this program, visit



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