Broadcast 1212 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

24 Aug 2009 Greg Meholic
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Guest: Greg Meholic. Topics: Tri-Space Model of the Universe, Faster-than-Light Travel, advanced propulsion theories. Greg Meholic returned to The Space Show to discuss the Tri-Space Model of the University and much more. In Segment one, we started out by talking about light. Specifically, luminal space and superluminal space. Our discussion went deeper into understanding space time and out of the box theories supporting the possibility of faster-than-light travel. While this was a technical discussion, I'm sure you can follow it and Greg is available to answer your questions or comments. In Segment 2, we talked about gravity and inertia. Greg talked about three possible causes for gravity 1) it may be the inherent property of matter; 2) the Mach Principle of gravity/inertia: 3) the Tri-Space theory where gravity/inertia is actually related to a local disturbance. Listen to Greg's full discussion regarding gravity. Perhaps this type of out of the box thinking will lead to solutions or tools for reducing gravity and changing the way and economics of how we access space. In fact, I asked Greg just how these theories could become mainstream science and over what period of time. You do not want to miss his response to my series of questions. Another listener wanted to know the implications of the Tri-Space Model for the Pauli-exclusion principle. Again, do not miss his response. Toward the end of this segment, Greg was asked about how to do Earth to LEO with reduced costs. He said we were likely stuck with chemical rockets for another 50 to 100 years but he also mentioned nuclear rockets which were strongly recommended on the program. Other ideas were mentioned such as the space elevator, SSP, and more. See what you think of his opinions on this subject. In Segment 3, we continued discussing ways to reach LEO and mag lift was brought up. One of Greg's comments had to do with the amount of energy needed to power a mag lift system and any trades that might be compared with bigger and heavier chemical rockets. Additional discussion was offered regarding the Pauli principle in that Greg suggested that in the Tri-Space model, it might be possible for gravitational effects to be apparent in both luminal and superluminal space. Toward the end of this segment we talked about fusion and its progress, plus its place in the Tri-Space model. Greg called to our attention the website, where you can upload your own paper for others to read. Not all papers on the site are for science, space, physics, etc. and not all are reviewed though Greg's papers are reviewed. Under the research category you will find subcategories for science, engineering, math and more. If you have a question or comment for Greg Meholic, please send it to him at Make sure you reference Space Show in the subject line to keep your note away from the spam folder.



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