Broadcast 3191 Randa and Rod Milliron

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Guests:  Randa and Rod Milliron; Topics:  News and updates with Interorbital Systems (IOS), ground speed record, IOS test flights, rocket fuel, lunar programs, small satellites, satellite kits & much more.

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We welcomed back Randa and Rod Milliron of Interorbital Systems (IOS) news and updates.  We started our two segment 92 minute discussion with our guests talking about their bipropellant rocket engine being used to set a new land speed record of 1,000 mph with the Aussie Invader car and Rosco McGlashan.  To see photos of the car and to find out more about this project, visit  Our guests spent about a half an hour talking about this project, their 62,0000-lb-thrust using Nitric Acid/Turpentine bipropellant and being human rated as a result of this project.  This is an in-depth and at times both a technical and policy discussion not only regarding the land speed record and the Aussie Invader attempt, but also their rocket engine  development and testing plus how the engine will be used for IOS launch and space activities.  Don't miss this very informative discussion.  Do post your comments about it and the Aussie Invader on our blog for this program.

Our next topic focused on the IOS recent test flight on their home page,  The video of the test flight for the June 30, 2018 NEPTUNE Liquid Upper-Stage Engine Flight Test 1 is on the home page so do check it out.  In addition, scrolled down to see the NEPTUNE Liquid Upper-Stage Engine Static Test from Feb. 21, 2018.  After discussing these tests, we took a call from Croatia from Tony of Zero Gravity.  He had multiple questions for our guests, including questions about space tourism and the IOS LEO rocket plans. He wanted to know if the IOS space tourism plans were on the back burner in favor of IOS lunar development plans and the IOS focus on a modular space transportation system.  As part of their response, our guests mentioned their Lunar Bullet Mission which was addressed in more detail later in the program.  Tony handed the phone over to Neb of Synergy Moon to talk about the company and their lunar plans even though the Google Lunar XPrize contest was cancelled.  Tony then came back on the phone and talked about timelines for manned missions and the N1 vehicle.  Tony also described having just participated in bouncing his voice off the Moon with the Moon Bounce radio project.  Listen to his description of the project.

Our guests picked up on talking more about their planned Lunar Bullet mission which they said was a brute force mission to the Moon, somewhat modeled on the old 1960s Ranger missions with an impact trajectory.  This led to our next call which was from Freemont John.  John wanted to know more about the IOS space tourist program, specifically their suborbital and orbital plans. Randa said they preferred orbital tourism with a two man capsule for four orbits.  Our guests said they were modeling their capsule after the Gemini capsule.  Our guests also talked about the benefits and advantages of orbital tourism flights.  Before the segment ended, our guests suggested that there were other tourist objectives including cloud cities on Venus and balloon problems of the Venus atmosphere.

In the second segment, Jed asked in an email if IOS was still planning on using ocean launches.  Our guests said yes, that ocean launches was a key part of the IOS system and plans.  More was talked about regarding IOS future plans, short term goals, and payload capabilities for replenishing constellations at a reasonable cost for on demand services.  Our guests then said they were considering forming a satellite division for IOS. The satellite division seemed a natural given their satellite kits and even offering completed kits for those selecting that option. 

Additional topics discussed in the second segment included licensing issues, payloads to the Moon, trans lunar research, launch habitats and lava tubes, the plans for Venus and other 10 year and 20 year IOS future plans/goals which included Mars and Titan.  Our guests then got an email from Beverly asking about succession for the company should our guests get too old, retire, get sick or worse.  This was an interesting short discussion which even talked about AI and other advanced technology changes which may come about in the not too distant future. 

Jules sent in a few email questions about time lines, more was talked about regarding the IOS satellite kits now on the market and the student involvement in IOS.  Our guests spent time describing both the cubesat and the TubeSat programs, both of which are described in detail on the IOS website.  As the program was ending, Sally asked about touring IOS facilities. 

Please post your comments/questions for our guests on TSS blog for this program.  You can reach Randa and Rod through me or the IOS website.




Interorbital Space Systems updates

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23 Sep 2018 Roderick and Randa Milliron
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