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We welcomed Dennis Wingo back to the show for our 88 minute discussion about commercial space and many other topics.  During the first segment of our program, I asked Dennis about the status of the commercial space industry.  My question was rooted in a specific AIAA panel discussion last week at Space 2016 (you can see the discussing at Scroll down the page for the program "Limiting or Unlimited: Envisioning a Free Market Space Industry."  In fact, all of the Forum 360 and group discussions from AIAA Space 2016 can be seen here:  Dennis discussed in detail the makeup of commercial space, NASA contractors, commercial companies, and he even named some startup companies that are helping to change the face of the industry.  Our discussion lasted a good part of the first segment so don't miss it. 

Other topics discussed in the first segment included Lifestyle investors when the subject of investing for a Mars mission came up, especially of doing anything commercial with human spaceflight to Mars.  We also talked about going back to the Moon, space settlement and making money from bitts.

In the second segment, we started off with cislunar transportation and GEO orbits plus on orbit servicing as a commercial industry.  Dennis talked about multiple private opportunities &  lower price points.  He was asked about servicing existing GEO satellites.  He said no existing GEO birds could be serviced but new models were being developed which he referenced.  He was asked if a lunar outpost or hab would enhance opportunities.  Deep space mining was brought up and Kim called from Mexico to inquire if entertainment coming from the Moon could be an economic driver for lunar commerce.  Dennis said the biggest innovation of all has been 3D printing so don't miss this important discussion.

In the remaining minutes of our program, we talked about policy, politicians that have supported space and that are influencing commercial space policy such as Senator Ted Cruz.  John from Reno wanted to know about possible dual use technology with the planetary missions and commercial missions.  Dennis was asked about the NASA ARM and for key indicators to follow.  Regarding the latter, he referenced the upcoming Elon Musk talk on Mars. 

Before the program ended, Dennis was asked about a possible space threat from the Chinese space program.  Dennis had much to say in his response to this question, including comments about the Chinese ASAT program.  The key word he used was danger.

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23 Sep 2016 Dennis Wingo
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