Broadcast 795 (Special Edition)

23 Sep 2007 Jay Barbree
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Jay Barbree, NBC'S veteran space correspondent, was with us to talk about our space program from Sputnik to today. His new book, "Live From Cape Canaveral" was the focus of this discussion. As listeners will hear, Jay shared with us not only his thought on the space program then and now, but hilarious stories with the Mercury 7 and the Gemini 9 astronauts. This interview is both very funny and entertaining and also informative and instructive. Listeners asked him many questions comparing the older NASA with today's NASA. One listener even asked for a comparison of Congress during the Apollo era with the Congress of today. As you will hear, Jay makes a very generous and cool offer for getting his book autographed. It this interests you, let me know and I will get the full details and instructions. This book is a must read and certainly an enjoyable and entertaining read. If you have questions or comments for Jay Barbree, send them to me at



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