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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Open Lines discussion with Dr. David Livingston as host;  Topics:  Multiple discussion topics with both callers and listeners sending us email comments/questions.  Our listener calls were lengthy while providing good discussion commentary.  See the Tags, repeated below, for topics discussed on this program.

Tags:  Open Lines with David Livingston, Ft. Worth John on fusion per Strickland program, fusion fuel, types of fusion reactors, He3, government fusion efforts, entrepreneurs and fusion, fusion ISP, fusion speed, fusion radiators, fusion analysis not for interstellar, interplanetary fusion, human interstellar flight, multi-generational interstellar flights, warp drive, UAP propulsion, Starship important for the beginning, human factors, Orbital Sustainability Act, active remediation of orbital debris, Starship Pioneers, Proxima Centauri new planet, Decadal Survey, Uranus mission, cislunar science, Dennis Wingo, Firefly has successful launch, possible Hubble SpaceX repair mission, orbital debris changes to five years from twenty-five years, Lockheed's Orion spacecraft.

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We opened our program with the usual announcements and suggested topics.  Our first caller for Ft. Worth John who wanted to comment on fusion energy per the commentary from the Friday program with guest John Strickland.  John had quite a bit to say, shared some very good numbers and analysis with us from his study of fusion for delivering energy to us, for interplanetary travel in our solar system and for possible interstellar flight. He spoke well of fusion for all domains other than interstellar flight as the speeds were insufficient to travel the great distances involved, even to the closest grouping, Proxima Centauri.  John took us through his comprehensive analysis regarding fuel, speed per second, ISP, government fusion efforts compared to what was and is being done by the entrepreneurs working on alternative fuel fusion.  It was a very interesting discussion and I commend John for his taking the time to do this analysis and for sharing it with us.  I found it very interesting to see how his analysis of fusion energy simply did not cut it for interstellar flight but was beneficial for the other modes of power he talked about.  I urge you to listen all of his early call, then let us know what you think of his analysis and fusion by posting commentary on our blog for this show.  John provided us all with, in my opinion, an excellent reality check on fusion and human spaceflight to the planets and on into interstellar flight.  Before leaving, I asked John to update us on his what he has been hearing and reading on the UAP situation, coming hearings from congress and related sources.  Comment on that in addition to fusion.

Marshall called to carry on about fusion and suggested the low hanging fruit might just have Starship as the key .  He talked about clearly learning to craw and walk before volving to the next faster and more capable stages of human spaceflight.  I threw in human medical factors for his consideration and he said we might be looking at a 30-40 year challenge period for breakthroughs.  I also through out one of my wild ideas and perspectives on how innovation might take place.  Also how we might achieve that which is impossible today and will remain impossible until someone figures it out and makes it happen.

Fremont (Gravity RX) John called to summarize lots of the news and events going on in space today and through the end of the year. He listed some of the events, happenings, and big deal events.  Listen to his list.  It was so impressive that I suggested John come back later in December do his own roundup of space news and developments for the year from commercial to planetary.  The Space Show typically has a few of these end of the year reviews and this year John will be joining us.  I look forward to his year end roundup becoming a permanent program as we conclude Space Show broadcasting years.  Don't miss what he said in this call but his program is set for Sunday, December 13.  One thing John mentioned was the Decadal Survey from earlier this year and the resulting mission now being planned for Uranus.  Don't miss the rest of his short list year end summary but come back on Dec. 13th to hear all the space news that is fit to hear!

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23 Oct 2022 Dr. David Livingston
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