Happy Thanksgiving To All

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Happy Thanksgiving to Space Show listeners, guests, and supporters.  My best to you for a terrific holiday with friends and family.

In the season of Thanksgiving, The Space Show would like to take a moment to expresss heartfelt gratitude to The Space Show family for your enthusiasm and dedication in fulfilling the program's mission of providing a quality space educational experience for us all.

Please use this Thanksgiving to reflect, rejuvenate and re-connect with those whom you cherish and love.

In addition, please remember that The Space Show Annual Campaign to support our continued broadcasting for the new year, 2024, is officially underway.  You will hear from me many times between now and the end of the year as I ask you to help out to make sure we can operate and continue with our programming for 2024.  The Space Show hopes you will contribute to our continuation as we are unique with listener supported live space radio affording you the opportunity to talk with our guests and one another.  In addition, we have the guests that you want to hear from as many of  you suggest the guests for the shows.  Oh, don't forget, we offer many of you a forum to promote your own work from books to art to theories to papers and presentation.  In return for the use of our global forum, we ask for your financial support and help. This seems like a good deal for both of us, right?

Don't forget our PayPal link in the upper right corner of our home page, www.thespaceshow.com.  If you use this link, most of the time PayPal does not take a service fee from your donation.  You can also use Zelle with david@onegiantleapfoundation.org.  Checks should bedmade payable to One Giant Leap Foundation and mailed to:

One Giant Leap Foundation

C/O Dr. David Livingsgton

11035 Lavender Hill Dr.

Suite 160-306

Las Vegas, NV  89135


Again, Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you and thank you for your continued support of The Space Space Show.  For those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you the best in the spirit of this traditional American holiday.  


David Livingston



Happy Thanksgiving. Please donate now to The Space Show.

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23 Nov 2023 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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