Broadcast 281 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

23 Nov 2004 Lucinda Weisbach
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Lucinda Weisbach was the guest for this Space Show program. We discussed her role as a member of the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA), what the SEA is, its membership, and its contribution to seeing to it that new new space policy vision becomes space policy. Lucinda talked about the Mars Society as well, how both the organization and Dr. Zubrin support the SEA and the president's vision. We also spoke about outreach and space advocacy. Lucinda shared her experiences with us in meeting her elected representatives and lobbying them on space matters. She tells us how she did it, what result to expect, and how to follow up on these actions and continue them. She also shared her perspective with us as to why this is important, why we should be reaching for Mars and returning to the Moon, and just how she and others see space in our complex world. Lucinda Weisbach brought fresh views and perspectives to Space Show listeners on these important subjects. For sure she will be returning to The Space Show.



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